Monday, October 12, 2009

Today is Monday

This the 10th time my computer's been reformatted! How annoying. >:[ so I'm using the mother's iTouch now. Very troublesome. Hmmm, work with LP today. Fun but she have the Monday blue's clues. Sigh. Cheer up okay. The both of us didn't really eat much today. I'm broke. ): Boohoo! Can't wait tip I get my money back from that 8 dogs owner!! Act one mute sia he! Call never pickup, sms never reply. O$P$! >:[

Over the Heeren's MacDonald. Chit chat and shared a meal. Yes we shared A MEAL! Hehehehe. Okay bye I thinknim gonna sleep early tonight. Yayness, cup noodles for dinner tmr. (: