Friday, October 16, 2009



Yes, I'm back! Back to the blogging world, tweeting world and facebooking world. I'm back from the holiday mood with AwesomeBoyfriend! ^^ So fun!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER! ^^ Irritating right? So many October babies this month! March/April especially. Gotta spend so much on them.

Work on that day for 2 hours only! Hahaha! Got to leave LP alone! How sad.

P/s: Buy you XXL Chicken next time when I'm rich! :DDDD Can eat until scared, okay? (: And I cannot bear to leave you lei, like we work tgt for quite long alr. Our bonding like strong cos we keep eating tgt! :( Working days with you and Expensive Chanel very fun one lei! ):

Spent time with AwesomeBoyfriend! ^^ We in holiday mood! Hahaha! Ate alot of junk food so...EXPECT A FATTER ME IN PHOTOS SOON OKAY! :D Off to Tampines for BIG pizza feast this afternoon! ^^ My treat for him! Hahahahah! We eat until cannot breathe! D:

Thought of catching a movie after the feast, but the timings all crash! Poor boy, got to work his ass off! D: Hahahahaha! Walked the whole of TampinesOne like 3-4 times!

Bus ride home alone, dozed off and almost miss my stop! Hahahahaha!

P/s: Cause' on my way back from the busstop, I remembered the first time you held my hand to cross the road! (: