Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photocopy machine

Hello it's me again! (Imitating the YouTube guy...if you watched, you know who I'm talking about!) Hahahahahah!

Okay, so I.......SNIPPED OFF 2CM OFF MY FRINGE yesterday! Hahahaha. Bo liao much huh?


Yay yay! Met up with LinglingLonglong! Hhaahhaha! Helped her with..."The-search-of-the-Boyfriend's-present". I tell you, go shopping with her, cannot sit down and rest one! Hahahha! She keep wanting to walk like non-stop hitz, seriously! But was fun! We talk like almost the whole day! Never drink water, thirsty much! Hahahaha!

Forced to buy all these nonsense! Hahahaha! But...I like. For fun onlyyy~ Cos I never buy anything excluding the Girlfriend Magazine.

(Forever21 top, Fourskin Highwaisted Shorts, Hello Kitty mirror, Girlfriend Magazine, Juicy Couture Sidekick, Cool shadies*Cheap thrills~*)

Work with ChamCham, XXL feast together with QC girl! Best best best! (Y) Cham2 can't stop complaining about her nose, hair, complexion to me. WHAT'S NEW! Used to it already.

The boyfriend came over to pick me up from work! ^^ Happy kid numberONE!! Wanted to have dinner at Carls' Jr/Subway/Kfc! Couldn't make up our mind so.....MacDonald's the final! Hahahahah! I know!! Like what's the difference right? HAHAHAHA! Home sweet home, slacked at A rive after 12345678910days!!! Played alot of 'So you think you're stronger?' games! HAHA! FUN TTM! ^^

P/s: Hi love, an extract from GF mag - "Laugh 100 times is equvalant to 15minutes cycling!" If it's true....WHY I STILL SO FAT! I with you....I think laugh for 10zillion times lei! Hhahahaha!