Friday, September 11, 2009


Okay hi, I just got home from work. Am using the mother's iTouch right now. Here's a lil' quick update. Yes yes, work ended late today cause the contractor came late. Have to wait for him to repair the lights and all before leaving/closing. Hmpf. Work was fun with the company of LP's. Hohoho. I think we both seriously can't work together cause we'll keep eating like non-stop hitz! Hahahaha!! Fat alreadyyyy!!! Dion, Chewy, PP, Chelsea and Bestfriend came here to visit. Bestfriend waited till I end then had late dinner together. Wanted to get ourselves SubWay for dinner, but close already. So we've left with no choice but to eat MacDonalds! (I know, I've been telling myself to stop eating fast food rightszxzxzx!) oh wells...hmmm, am pretty tired already. Ima go take a warm shower then lights off to meet my boyfriend in our own world! ^^Y

P/s: Dion, I'll upload those photos maybe like tmr or over the weekend? Lazy and no time is the reason for it. Hahaha!!

Oh yes! Went to butter last night! What a joke seriously! Packed like as if we're in some concert. Suckiest night at butter I swear, queue was a headache even though we got guestlist. Wasted our money on drinks I swear, and what's more, time passes so slow at butter and it ended so early. Sorry to all the fans of butter, boring night at butter I must say. I think if were at PH last night, it would have been a much enjoyable night for all of us! (: I think DJ Kzee miss all of us. ^^Y

P/s: Syafiq the AwesomeBoyfriend, when are you free? I want to dating-dating with you asap! Hahahahaha it's been so long since we last caught a movie together! Quite saddening I feel. (Boohoo face)