Sunday, September 27, 2009

Melting the Connection Away

Ikea dinner with the boyfriend was awesome! We wanted to order 12 chicken wings! I know, UNHEALTHY right!!! But last minute, cancel order. Hahaha! Had 6piece instead. The queue damn long like machum queuing for 4D! >:[

Had a hard time searching for a place to sit also. Salmon + Chicken wings = YUMMILICIOUS! ^^
The boyfriend wanted to order more chick wings. But...I think our stomach gonna explode, you know? Like BOOMZ. Hahahahhahaha! Slacked til 4ish in the morning then home sweet home. (:

Oh gawd! Just take a look outside the window! SO EFFIN' HOOOOT!
I think it's melting the internet connection away, cause now very slow!

PP and I wanted to go last minute tanning session, but too much worries and lazy! Hahahaha! Confirm become crispy if we go one lor. Damn hungry now, babyboy wanted to order macs for me. But I rejected him. LOL! (QQQ)

Hurrraaaaay, no work tomorrow! ^^ WHO WANT TO GO OUT WITH MEEEE???