Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surprise-surprise Ajir!

Oh hi! I just got home like like not long ago. (:

I'll make it short and simple. Too tired already. Hehehe! ^^V
-Town with GLBFF to FEP to pass LiPing something'something.
-Train ride to bugis to meet the PICNIC BOIZ. Hahaha!
-Sheesha @ Haji and surprise advance birthday celebration.
P/s: Adli, dont sad, next time I wont forget your birthday already. Hahahah!
-They had some heart to heart conversation. Best and I sat there like machum watching SURIA CHANNEL!! LOL.
-Supper @ MacDonalds, take-away cause it's too crowded for 10people. Hahahah.

But overall, we had fun. (:

It's saturday night and and WE'RE NOT AT PH. So is TheAwesomeBoyfriend. ^^V

TheAwesomeBoyfriend came over to Bugis to meet me. Then train ride to Town to catch UP while the GLBFF went to find her parents. Hahahah. (She guai kia.) Slacked and home sweet home when Mr Sun says its time for me to go home. Hahahhahahaah!

P/s: Darling, I swear that movie's the 2nd funniest apart from the the the, HANGOVER! Hahahahaha! And that past 7hours was well spent with you okay! ^^V Mr Cute stuff! HAHAHA! (QQQ).