Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Title Post.


It's Sunday today! ^^V Suppose to meet Dawnie and BEST at 11am. But but but, we all slept like a log until 12pm!! Nize one girls. QQQ. So, met them at 2pm instead. Went down to PH for their flea. Cool, try shopping in the dark. (: You'll buy nothing. Bumped into Desmond and HuiChin while shopping. Hahahaha. DESMOND CHONG(FINALLY I GOT YOUR SURNAME)!!! VERY LONG NEVER SEE YOU ALREADYYYY. Hahahaha. You're still as guai lan as ever. NIZEEE~

The sun, very good. Make me feel like tanning again. (Y) Hahahahaha. Hmmm, off to town, gotta drop by my work place to pass the LP the tanks I painted. Today, WO HEN HAPPY!! Hahahahahah. Best will know why!! ^^V Hehehe!! Slacking at starbucks now. Drawing new designs for my online shop. Must support okay!!


P/s: Baby, its okay, dont have to apologise or what so ever. I dont blame you for having sucha LL ex-girlfriend. HAH. I dont blame her also, cos it's so immature to attack people through blog and stuff. Hah. It doesnt really affect me. I also never do anything wrong. Why want to bother so much for what. -.- LAAAAAAME SHIT.