Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Oh hi X 2. I just got back from work/dinner/together-ness with awesomeboyfriend! ^^ I think I cannot work on tuesdays, I think got curse! HAH! Today work's fine. Okay, 'full-stop' about work for now! (: AwesomeBaby came over to pick me up after work. Straight away, my guai-lan-O-meter pointing to the max already! (Understand anot?) HAHAHA! Then, walked to ION to get my YAMI YOGURT! YAY! ^^V Wanted to get the big one but we're gna have dinner later on. Am I weird or am i weird? I eat dessert before dinner. HAHAHAHAHA!

Dinner at YOSHINOYA! First time in 2009 eating that you know anot?! Hahahahaha! After YOSHIING, walked opposite to eat MOS BURGER!! I mean the the the frozen strawberry thing! LOL! Act cute only, this kind of things! Hmpf! HAHAHAH!

Train ride home after that, slack at PL then bus ride home alone! ): Sometimes I wonder why Bengs must talk so loudly, like HELLOOOO? The bus so small, dont need to shout what. Still shout all the vulgarities. Typical siaaaaa! -.- Dotzzxzxzxz! Okay bye! Omg wo hen stress lei! ): I'm so broke and and and I think I got alot of secret things to buy! ):

P/s: With your kisses and hugs can make me happy already!! ^^V
Thanks to you, I got baluku, like like like, a mini one! HAHAHAHAHAA! )':

"Something about you is so addictive."