Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When the girlfriend wears no eyeliner.

(Over due)

Today's work was er...rather annoyed. I think it's "Window-shopping" day for shoppers? Keep coming in, trying on clothes but not buying! ): How annoying! We planned and discussed about the pricing. So now it's like..everything is slashed down to 20%!! Sales today, wasnt as good as expected! ): Way way waaaaay little. And we've got many things to do. Tagging and tagging and more tagging. Couldn't wait til the end of the day. Cause I can't wait to meet my both BFs! ^^ Sorry to keep you waiting okay, especially The Boyfriend! Hahahaha! School ended so early thennnnn have to wait alone until 9plus! ):

Dinner was er...(Y)^^(Y) HAHAHA! Had KFC for dinner! Very shiok and happyyyyy yo. (: Bus ride home with Baby and Best got to take train alone! ): Slacked at my house area. I SAW PLANET VENUS! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. Like a coooool! ^^

P/s: Because you always never to make me laugh like non-stop hitz before.
Ni hen xiang!! You very nice smell!! (Direct translation!) Hahaha! ^^