Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Eat all you can" Day

Ohhaiyoooooo! ^^ It's been so long since I last updated this space. ): Er...lazy, lazy and more lazy and plus, I keep going out. Hahahaha!

Met up with The Boyfriend today! :DDD Seoul Garden feast together-gether!! Target: 4hours! But we only stayed there for like 1hour 45minutes. Hahahahah! *FAILED!!

I said: "I think I'm not gonna eat anymore later!!" for like more than 5 times. But......
I had 2 YAMI YOGURT, 1 box of strawberry polky, 1 McSpicy Meal(UPSIZED!!!) Hhahahaha!
I thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I should stop it rightttttttt? :O

Caught PUBLIC ENEMIES. LOL. DONT WATCH IT!!!!! I think it's more worth to pay me the 6 dollars to watch me eat my food rather than wasting it on this movie. Hahahaha!! 2hours plus plus and I fall asleeeeeeep. Hahahahahaha! So complicating the storyline. ):
P/s: Darling, I seriously think that you should choose which movie to watch next time!! LOL.

Supper at MACDONALDS!! (QQQ) LOL. Like a pig onlyyyyyy!! :DDDD Bus ride home againnnnn.


P/s: Because, you smell very very nice. I likeeeee~ We speeeeent 12hours together agaaaaain! ^^ Yay! Lovelove! :DD