Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Touch me baby, Touch me all night long.

Hello earthlingssss. ^^ Surprised? I'm home on a Wednesday night yo! \m/ Suppose to meet S today. But but but, we over slept! ): "Do you sleep?" HAHAHAHAHA!!! He kena dragged to PH tonight. Hahaha! And I'm at home playing songs from PH. ^^ And and I think I irritate Best! Hahhaha! ^^ Happy anot? I send you so many songs we looking for, for so long ago. -.-

No inspiration for blogging tonight. I've got to go down to work place for stock checking. Heh. Okay, Bye for now. Will update when I've got the mood to. (:

P/s: Okay, I miss you plenty!! ): I think must wait for like 48hours plus plus plus then can see your cute face again! ): I not happy!!! ):