Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll follow you until you love me.

Hello, suppose to meet CousinLove today in the morning but got a text message from her saying that she can't meet me last minute. Dont know what made me msg S. Then surprisingly, my msg woke him up and he replied. Hahaha! ^^ Met him at 10 in the morning today, then ate the BEST WESTERN FOOD IN SINGAPORE! :D Hahahaha, cheap and good. (Y) Hahaha! Went to Causeway Point to catch Harry Potter movie. (: 3hours of quality time together!! (: Accompanied him back to school and waited for him to finish his test then, bus ride to Tampines to meet Best! :D She make new friends leh! (QQQ) Hahahahaha! Okay, and then...caught another movie with S, IceAge3 (3D!!!)! :\ He fall asleeeep! And i keep sneezing! Couldnt concentrate cause I keep sneezing throughtout the movie. ): Went separate ways home. ):

Okay, my nose bleed like out of a sudden. -.- I keep laughing! LOL. I think I'm gonna fall sick real soon. Yes?

P/s: 12 hours, 6 bus rides together. ^^
You're the reason why I've been so happy for 3days straight. ^^