Friday, July 17, 2009

This post was edited 4 times. LOL!

Okay, I'll just blog w/o pictures first. Dawn has yet to send it to me. ): Hmmm, Wednesday, met up with Best at Tampines. Took a straigth bus to tamp. It's her first time to TampOne! LOL! Bus ride to town. The bus journey like 2hours! Hahahahaha! Slow like anything. Eat and shop again. Spend money like water. Bus ride for the 3rd time to VivoCity to meet Syafiq and Dawn. Hahaha! Okay, I took the same bus for 3times in a row in one day. -.- JW SUCK!!! ): Always make me wna puke. Hahahahahaha!! I think last night was a fun night. ^^ Chicken rice for breakfast then took the first bus home with the company of S. (:

Today, met up with belle belle at MS. Had our SakaeSushi feast! ^^ 20+ PLATES. LOL. Caught Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince! (Y) Very nice, but I think I dont have enough sleep, I keep falling asleep during the movie. Heh! The comments. Confirm gna have another story next year!! MacDonalds for supper, then train ride home! ^^

P/s: Because bus rides are never boring with you around. ily. ^^