Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday work was er...not really good? Cuz, like sales wasn't really good. Heh, But aye, Sam and Bernice came over to get some food for me. Yay! Thanks thanks! ^^ Awhile later, bumped into Imai and NatashaNing. (: Cant wait til work end cuz cuz cuz, S's suppose to pick me up? ^^ Hahahaha! Late dinner at Simpang Bedok. Yea, we travelled for 1hour plus just to get ourself 2 pratas each. Hahahhaa! Confirm joke. Slacked nearby S' place then cabbed home. "I swear, that's the ugliest nemo I've seen." Hahahahahah!!

Great, the first time i reached home, had a big tiff with the mother. Not a very nice one. Hmmm, lucky Best and S were there for me at that time of my life. ^^ And and BEST, You better sleep early uh, you keep having nightmares now. :@

Okay, I gotta go now. Meeting Pp in an hour's time.

P/s: Because our song's playing on repeat.