Saturday, June 13, 2009

So much to say, yet so little time.

OHMYGAWD!!! Sorry for not updating WESTARTARRIOT.BS for weeks. ): My internet connection screwed up. I'm using other people's wireless now. Ajir says im a HACKER. LOL. Anyways!!! I've got so much things to say here and so many pictures to upload but I'm so gawddamn super duper woper lazy ttm!!!! Howwz!!! Anyways again, I had so much fun joy and laughter today!! Picnic with the jokers!!! ^^ It made my day. They made Best laugh until she want to pang sai. OMG. Hahahahaha. Lots of junk food I tell you. Fatty prissy coming your way. LOL! :\

I'm like so damn fucking happy now. Only Best and Ajir know's why!! LOL.

P/s: *laughs & point middle finger in your face* BUZZZTARD.

To DionLove: Girl, you gotta cheerup alright? We're in the same boat/sampan. Wtf. When I came to know what happen to you, I felt so super duper woper angry like nabeichickenNuggets.jpq!!! :@ Meet up soon and we'll update ok? ^^

To BESTY: You also another one. Cheerup please. Dont be so sad alr. ^^ I LOVE YOU NUGGETS. LOL. If he doesnt care for you rightz, you still got me and and the PICNIC JOKERS. LOL. ^^