Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm your biggest fan.

Picture post!! ^^
Okay, I know I haven't been uploading again? Hahahha! Lazy+ Tired+ No time?+ Internet's down= No updating! But, no worries, everything's good now! (: Pictures will help me do the story telling okay? ^^

NoodieNoodles with BB a week ago? ^^
(Alpha OverSized Tee, CottonOn Leggings, Self-made Necklace.)

I forgot when this is? Sunday after work? Went town to find these people! ^^ Waited for S to end work! Late dinner @ Mac! Then home sweet homie! And FYI, Ly cant draw very well! Hahahaha! CHERRON! YOU OWE ME A DRAWING TOO! ^^


So many things happened just like that. I'm disappointed in myself for ending up in this state. (Laughs @ myself) But, I am who I am. Anyway, I've quit my job, Im gna go job hunting after I settle the flea things with S! ^^ Do you wna sell your things too? You know who you are.

Suppose to meet up with BB and Dion today, but then I've to buy dinner home for lil granny! Hahahah! She's HOME ALONE 5 today. But end up...change of plans. Swimming with PP. Didnt even swim!! By the time we reach the secret place then no mood alr. Plus the weather was....sucky! Hahahaha! Mini HouseParty the healthy way with PP and some house! ^^ Hahaha! Updates with our things and stuff then we had alot of food! Hahahha! CupNoodies? We used RICE COOKER to boil water! (Y) New way! Cos we couldn't find the "gun" for the stove! Hahahaha! I dont know what is it called. Like very lil photos uh! Hahha! But I had fun anyways! PP, can we stay there like this weekend or something? ^^ Oh oh! We got bored then we chopped off 1inch and a half of our fringes! Hhahaha! (Y)

P/s: Sometimes it makes me wonder so much, have you ever loved me the way i loved you?
Why did you say "I love you" when you knew it wouldn't last?