Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy little happy pill^^

Before i start off...

To all the FATHERSSSSS out there....

Happy Father's Day!!! (:

SORRY, NO PICTURES!! ): Im gna save mmoney for a camo! Not DSLR please, so big and heavy! ): Hahahahahha! (Y)?

Good afternoon all, last night was a blast!!! Can say, it was the happiest day of the month? ^^ BB took like 3hours plus-ish to get prepared! Hahahha! I know, that's like damn looooooong right!! :@ Met her at the usual place, met the other BB at cine. Hohoho! Then Crystal came. BB and my ears suffered for like 30mins? Hahahahah!! Funny lil' Secrets. YAY! Enjoyed myself ytd. Confirm, guarantee plus CHOP!! POM PEE PEE!! ^^ Song's great, crowd's great too! HAHAH! AND AND I DIDNT GET DRUNK! YAY, GREAT ACHIEVEMENT MAN!! I'm not a drunkard anymore! :DDDD Mac after that. BB JOKE SIOLZ! HAHAHAHAHA! She......dropped the chilli sauce on the floor. :O

"I think you're cuter lor!" HAHAHAHAH! (Y)

P/s: Coolz shit man, you were with a girl! ^^ Thanks pretty much k.