Saturday, June 20, 2009

Because friends come and go.


Met up with BB and Dion! ^^ Didnt shop much cuz....met up quite late. Before that, went for an interview at XXX. Hahaha! I think i screwed it up damn badly. Yes, cuz the lady asked me "So, can you tell me more about yourself?" I straight away I...."Huh?! I dont know eh....*giggles*" OMG! Why would people hire me man. Hahahah! Off to Bugis to for lunch, waited for Dion to come then off to town. Down to cine to get movie tix first then slacked at GJ for GG time. (: Fun. Hhahaah! Soon after, Dion went off. She gotta meet her friends at...lavender right? BB accompanied me til my friend came then she go off. SO NICE OF HER! YYY! Damn it, missed the first half of the movie. Cuz some gay shit, late for half an hour! :( But not bad, the movie's great! (Y)two thumbs up(Y)!! Hahahah! Good for laughing exercise! ^^
Dinner at KFC with the people. I didnt eat. Cos.....i'm dieting! ^^ Hhahaha! Off to Gallery Bar to meet BB and her family! ^^ I didnt touch any alcohol! Surprised!? (: I didnt have the mood to drink last night. Some more I wouldn't wna drink with my empty stomach. Cabbed home about 2plusish. The taxi uncle so gei gao! :@ Hahahha! Vomited acid on my way up the stairs! Hohohoho!! Sleeeeep til 12plusish. ^^

P/s: She saw you walked down the street.Y