Sunday, May 3, 2009

Laugh your teeth out okay girl?

Hahahaha. Sometimes you just gotta laugh it all off. So anyway, i've gotten the flu, cough and fever. Tell me its not swine flu. Hopee i'll be better after those medications. Sorry for not updating this space my friends. Didnt have the mood to update at all, AT ALL! Oh yea, was suppose to be at PH last night with some friends. Its been so long since i last saw all of them. They said it was packed like sardine. But i didnt went, cos i was feeling well. Oh wells, thankgod i wasnt there too? Cos..i know i wont be enjoying myself if i were there last night. I just found out alot of things. ^^ Smartie pants me!! Lots of "No wonder" and "that's why"!!

Me wants to play L4D and kill kill KILL.

P/s: Dont you think that we're not what we used to be anymore?