Saturday, May 9, 2009

If you were mine,

,I'll be your everything.
It's just my luck.
Things change..
It's been 7mths and still counting..imy.
Today isnt a good day for me. Shall cut it short and off to bed asap. I'm dead tired alr. Work today itself, didnt turn out good. But i'm happy that friends came over to visit/ accompany me for awhile. ^^ Bryan and Sharon suddenly appeared in my shop. Hahahahaha! Bryan started blasting tecktonik music in the shop, which i think he kinda scare the customers away. Soon later, Dion came over to accompany me. (: Ak came over, gave me like 35% of trashing. I guess it's my fault as well..sorry. But since today's sales was kinda good. Ak's kinda happy with it. So, no worries. My leg's are hurting so badly that, i think they're crying? Uhm, SL accompanied me over to dome to meet the guys. Passed Desmond his earpiece then home sweet home with LY, XH and SL. ^^ Happy people. (: Long time didnt see them. Miss them. But i miss you so much more than the rest. Trained home to TPY then a long bus ride home along with his phone call to keep me awake in the bus. Maggie for dinner, i think i ate too fast, choked and cough til i puke out the noodles. Irritating. What's more, i tripped and almost sprained my ankle while climbing up the stairs home. ): Guess i'm really dead tired. Sigh..Okay, Gdnight. (:
P/s: 'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love, you can.