Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everything that you want, you got.

Finally, i'm here with a happy/normal post. :D I'm dead tired now. Leg cramps woke me up @ 8 something in the morning! Tsk. PowerHouse ytd..quite fun? I think i had fun. Bumped into friends, friends and more friends there. Hahahah! Podium all the way. Best forever drunk in club! You better drink less and drink slower! I know you wna get high. But dont high until like this. (: Ooi and heng left early. So it was left with Me, Best, Des, Fariz, Corn, Merv, Haja and his friends. Wanted to go grab some pratas after club but the stall's close. Shared cab home with Best and Desmond. Fariz, Corn and Merv shared another. Home sweet home and slept for 12hours.

Seen true colors in the club.

*Note to Jerry: If you're reading this. Cheerup okay. Dont be sad anymore. You still got your friends and me. ^^

P/s: What's on your mind?