Monday, April 6, 2009


ytd night was hell fun .
celebrated cherron bday at ECP goldkist chalet .
in the afternoon best came over to my crib first
then yehao came to pick us up then went to pick fariz up .
reach ECP , help her out with the balloons , went to eat bk ,
prepared , more n more ppl came .
music ,dance, eat, playgame , drink , drunk . laugh . K.O .
the party haven even finish , everybody got high , drunk , wasted .
even the bday girl . poor her .
hahaha , alot of stuff happened ytd
haha me n best drank alot , cups aft cups
she got drunk , i got high and i think i got drunk aft that .
alot of ppl got to carry her up n down .
haha , i noe i keep walking here n there walking in n out .
hahahah i really dunnoe wat i was doing . puke a couple of times .
all the sudden , my emotions control me . i cry . i tried to be strong .
not gg to say more .
ANW i was still high but i follow heng , ooi n fatboy JH . hahaha to macs .
fat boy drunk sia , fucking lame -.- , make me laugh like siao at macs
went bk , best went home with yehao . i stay ,
went up to the room , i want to slp but cant
all becos of ooi lame jokes n fatboy laughter
and i join them . hahaha
laugh so hard n loud but those ppl slping in the room cannot hear us ,
haha , aft tat fatboy went outside i can slp in peace .
but aft awhile i tot i heard something like water tap , woke up
saw corns puking , haha , fatboy bad sia . BOOMER .
aft that they went home , i fall bk to slp . wake up and home sweet home
my dad came to fetch me .
bk home like abt 11plus , then boom i go to my SLEEPING LAND .-.-
woke up at 8plus n until now i am awake but i want to go bk to slp again
tired sia. my butt hurts , my leg hurts cos of the stupid bicycle tyre .
hahah . kay off i go now . toddles .pics will be up soon
love ,