Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pris is...

...feeling damn happy right now.

After a phone call from...XXX. :DDD Kekekezzz.
Its been so long since we last talked like this. Y

Bestie C accompanied me to NDC today to get my retainer replaced.
It was a wasted trip cos, Dr. Joanna Choo wasnt free to see me. ):
Im gg on next monday btw. Hahaha! Hope can wear braces again? :DD
Or just get my retainer done asap! Kekekeke.

Had Marche feast w her @ VivoCity then to town to meet the rest.
Heheheh, Shopping really made her feel good. :DD

By the way, these are pictures on Wed, Ladies Night at PowerHouse. :DDD

Before PowerHouse.. :)