Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yoohoo~ I just got back from SNEC (Singapore National Eye Centre). Accompany my gradnmother for her eye checkup! Good granddaughter? (Y)? My that irritating auntie also went tgt with us. (I just cant seem to get along well with her. I dont even look her in the eyes when i talk to her.) I got hell from her since the time i woke up!! Dont know what is her problem, keep nagging for no reason, i dont accompany her, she scold, i accompany her, she also scold. -_- Then....never mind! The service there damn slow, i stand for more than 2hours, cos it's damn damn super sonic crowded like CROWDED. ): Poor legsssss. Damn sad. Hahaha! Okay then went over to Parkway Parade. I forced them to cab, cos i stand for hours! Hahha! And they really cab..cos..i offered to pay half the amount! :DDD Brunch there then went home to get the items to mail out. (: Ima go do something real important now. (:

Anyways, Im BLACK to basics now! :DDD

P/s: Please have plenty of rest and take your medicine regularly ok? L.H.K.M(: