Thursday, April 23, 2009

Those eyes

Today is the "Staring" Day for Dion and myself. She asked me to meet her for in school then go over to TP for lunch. So many students in Ite today, like so pack? It feels good when I step into school but like weird. Went to look for Yehao a lil while. Suppose to go meet Kansie as well, but Dion's in a hurry to go TP to eat. Cause she's damn damn hungry. Hah! Cabbed over to TP right after i pass the invitation cards to Yehao. Oh and not forgetting Heng. Saw him as well! (: Today is CCA FAIR @ TP. The school is filled with like 1000+ students? Lunched at some far away canteen. Saw BoonChew! Wanted to meet SamGoh, but no signal to call her. Uhmm, went off to TampinesOne. Uniqlo is damn damn disappointing. The clothes very basic and..very Bossini-ish. Laughs! Hmm, nothing much there as well. They advertise it until like belly nice hor? But then...nonsense. Headed back to TampinesMall for ICECREAMSSSS @ HD. Then both our phones, died on us! Oh my mother!! I cant live w/o my HOT RED phone! :DDD Rushed up to the hp shop, I bought myself a new charger. Wth hur? Since the charger i used to use, spoilt, might as well get a new one, right? ^^ Dion cabbed home to charge her phone then town with her friends @ 7pm. As for me, i went over to CityPlaza to meet Desmond to get some things done asap. Walked from CityPlaza to home! (Y)? But.....i stopped half way and waited for the bus, weather's super duper humid and it's killing me! ): I'M TIRED!! Time to climb up my crib people! LIGHT'S OUT! :DDD

P/s: Wish i could keep you much longer.