Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Now im in second place, to get a second chance"

Finally, home sweet home. Heehee!! Spend almost the whole day at FEP. Bumped into Jerry 3, 4 times. LOL. Oh ya, before i continue...

OLD MAN LIAOZZZ! Shall not say your age!! (:
I.OWE.YOU.DINNER.HOR.(But you pay ok?)
You must be enjoying your night at ZOUK by now right!! Ladies night siaaaa. LOL.
Happy not?

Okay, we then headed over to CyberDome for L4D. We played the New map! Not really that new, cause' I've played it before. Hhmmm, scary map. DONT PLAY HOR. No Mercy & Blood Harvest still the best!! (Y) Slacked at Grand Cathay's StarBucks and plan some things. Hahahah! Lame!!! Felt hungry all of a sudden. Went to 7eleven to grab a bite. Heheh! Had an awezome late 5mins dinner w Desmond. Instant wanton noodles and mee pok siaaaaaa!! LOL. Back to the spot at SB then home sweet home right after. Because...the sudden strong wind came and it rain heavily. TYPHOON? CYCLONE? (Y)(Y) World's ending real SOON. (Exciting!) Hahahahah! (: Cabbed home w Liyong afterwhich. Now, at home, blogging, I've been at this page for like hours, since 12.35am! LOL, Now is 3.17am! Wtf? -_- I've been stonning and now, watching soccer, Man U got 1 alr! Hohoho! Bet my dad's gna be happy. LOL. Okay, FINALLY, FINISHED BLOGGING. :DDD

I belly belly tired now. Wna sleep liaozz. ):

P/s: Empty...