Thursday, April 9, 2009


Preloved, Bestie C has moved to: .
Please link her hor, if you want! Kekekezzzxzxz.

Hokay dokay people, just got back from Haji Laning & towning w the clique.
FACEBOOK, BUY FRIEND, was the first thing i did when i got home. -.-
Hahaha! Retarded me larzzzxzxzxxxx!!

Went Haji Lane shopping today! Got myself a bracelet! :DDD
Oh ya! I met.. Bestie C, KAT, Chewy, Heng, Bryan, JeHian, Ooi, Kerner, Corn, Merv & YJ.
(Guess who's missing today!! *Sad Face*)
OKAY!!!!!! Headed to town after that for shooting zombieeeeezzzzz. Heheheh!

CenterPoint MacDonalds after L4D.
I realised, i always feel hungry after L4Ding, i dont know why!!
Because we couldnt make it in time for the last train which is, 11.47pm according to what Sand said.

I've got a happy newwwwwwsssssss! The mother will be out of town.....for TWO days. :D
Hiakhiakhiak! *Evil grins* Hahahahaha....

Oh yea, i realised too that, THE WORLD'S SO SMALL. Esp S'pore, small like a -----> . FullStop.
Its like everyone knows everyone. Hahahah!
*Sings: Its a small world after all, its a small world after all, its a small world after all, its a small small WORLD.

Cant wait to get my retainer, next monday!
My appointment falls on the MONDAY, 13APRIL. :D
Sui yao gen wo qu hur?