Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello, im back from quite a number of places. Met up with Dion and Bestie first. Dion went to BUILD A BEAR. Settled our lunch at Heeren's MacDonald. Strolled over to Cine to find Heng, then back to Spin to chill and wait for Derrick's arrival. Hahahah! Down to MacDonald again, cos they wanted to grab a bite! Then back to Cine. Hahaha! We've been going back and fro, back and fro today. Then L4D at CyberDome with Kerner, Bestie, Heng, Corn, Ooi, Derrick. Went over to find Yehao, Bryan, Fariz & Desmond aftermath. && saw...XXX! Bussed over to HajiLane for sheesha, we didnt in the end. We ended up eating. (SEE! I keep eating, eating, eaitng like NON-STOP HITS again!!!) Yehao and Fariz went home, then Bestie, Desmond and I went back to Cine to find Emmeline! (: Suppose to have dinner tgt with her and talk about stuff, but the timing cock up! Hohohoho! So i guess, we'll postpone dinner? :D Kay, slacked at Hougang idk which part. Cos so dark, cannot see. Hahaha! Nigel came over to slack also. Walked over to...some hougang place, MACDONALD Breakfast! Mac again siaaa! OMG! Hahahah! Slack until 6 then headed to my nest. Time past damn fast!

P/s: Promises breaks and lovers lie. True?