Thursday, March 26, 2009

thinking of you

bestie & bestfriend has been telling me to just go ahead and tell him how i feel abt him ,
to tell him I LIKE HIM .
but i am unable to do it becos
maybe i am scared of
the ans , the rejection , the reactions ,
scared that he will ignore me and all those bad stuff ,
i will never have those POSTIVE thinking .
i dunnoe why i have this feeling , he won't like me , maybe i am scared of rejections that y .
but if he ever say that i think i will cry like as if somebody have just die (*touch wood) .
i really really like him alot , i don care tat he is younger then me , seriously .
right now the feeling inside me ,is just killing me , i feeling so FUCKTARD .
anyway i am happy tat i get to dance next to him .able to feel him next to me. smiling at him , when he being retarded ,
but i saw something which i dunnoe whether i got saw correctly anot . arghhhh! is driving me crazy .
now i wonder who is tat girl . :( . maybe i am thinking too much .
i am just scared ,GOD pls help me.
i wish tat even though he noes i like him he won't avoid me

sand Y