Thursday, March 26, 2009

boys can be such a fucker .ARGHHHH!!!!

the dancefloor is the only way to get close to you :(

i am having cough now and alot of phlegm , i am losing my voice . fuck :(
shouldn't have drink so much alcohol when i noe i am having phlegm now is just worst .
whatever la , now i noe abt ytd stuff . it just sucks .
continue guessing i don think i will tell anyone except bestie :)
ytd at st james the song kind of boring but aft awhile not bad la .
like what bestie say at her post way down below , we saw alot of our friends :)
bestie , next time we go club , we go ALONE . u get what i mean right . haaha .
but i doubt u would want to go again . haha anyway
make friend with this random girl in the toliet , so funny we started toking then exchange no . right rmb pris .:) RANDOMNESSS . then it was home sweet home.
now i am HEARTBROKEN . :( . i almost wanted to cry la . fuck :(