Wednesday, March 11, 2009


(It kills me just to see you with an another girl, just to think that i could be her ,
i pretend it doesn't hurt ,)
I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

RJA CONCERT IS THE AWESOME SHITzzzzzzz , i think gng to rock concert is the best way to relieve stress and lose weight .I ENJOYED MYSELF . but i hate it went some ANNOYING BITCHES (maybe one angmo , the rest is like indian and CHINA)push their way through the front ,and that stupid INDIAN GIRL got to use her fucking big ass to squeeze me . walao just go back to ur country la . BITCHES . i was so unhappy , till i have to push them back , and she complain to her friend with HER FUCKING SLANG ENGLISH .( oh that girl is pushing me with a sad face) . and she DIAO ME kay . WOOOOOOW like i scared of her like tat ,THIS KIND OF ANGMO GIRLS IS LIKE A SLUT ONLY ,i dunnoe why they like to push their way through the front sia , it seems all of this TWEENIE like to do this kind and u noe why i say tweenies cos they look like 13 , 14 with no brains . but at least i am not the only one to HATE her everybody just hate this four girls . anyway they got what they deserve , some guy scolded the angmo girl for pushing and she CRIED .ahahhaha .HAHAH I AM LIKE ANTI -ANGMO FOR EVERY CONCERT SIA , BUT WAIT IS NOT THE GUYS I AM ANTI OF KAY , IS THE GIRLS ( i hate them la ,FUCKING BITCHY) .kay stop here . the more i say the more blod pressure rise up .
hahaha ,but oh well i am so gng to another concert another time ( just pray that paramore, the used , FTSK , chiodos, cobrastarship, panic!at the disco ,and many more will come :) ) . anyway next event i want to go is SINGFEST 09 , let just see which band will be coming :D . haha . kay anyway dion took like 300plus of photos and many of it was the face of RONNIE . hahaha he is mr awesome for her . ahhhhhhhhh i saw this ang mo guy while i was lining up , he is damn cute. QQQQ . ehhhhhhhhhhhhh i missing CUTIE AWESOME alr . haha . will post his pic soon , waiting for dion to help me enlarge :D . hahahah cos too small cannot see his face :( . hahahah

anyway anyway , bestie lucky u nv go cos , i think u will hate the pushing , and i think u will surely cannot breathe cos is like there is not much breathing space scared ltr u cannot take it .haha cos like wat dans say to me just now , u always look strong but inside not . hahaha , OMG I JUST LOVE STANDING INFRONT LA . LIKE A FUN ONLY , maybe u will think that i am insane but is fun to push ppl and i think is like fun when everybody is like squeezing each other , hahah it will just make u want to jump like crazy .kay i am insane . KAY KAY . enough of the concert stuff . i gng to slp now . NIGHTS .
oh oh oh i think right now i am so gng to support LOCAK BANDS ... cos today A VACANT AFFAIR opens up for RJA and i must say this they are FUCKING AWESOME TOO . i think i went to touch the lead singer face and almost poke his eyes . hahah

p.s: i think moshing is fun . i want to try it one day but i scared cos is like ROUGH ONLY . hahaha(i told u i am insane )


i think their songs not bad . look BEHIND the crowd is MAD .
they keep pushing me cos this ppl want to be in the photo
my face look like i am ANGRY but i am not .hahaha

look got girl moshing.QQQ

crowd surfing . haha this guy at the beginning he was standing behind me ,
all the sudden he is gone and i saw him behind moshing .

legal age tag . HAHAH , really nv lie
underage is green in colour

sand Y
you are giving me heartache ,