Thursday, March 12, 2009

Material Girl.

Today is "Eat all you can" day for Pauline & me. Hhahahahah.
& it's "Eat those chicken wing like never before" day for Yehao & me. Heehee!!

Both Yehao & i woke up at 7am.
He gets prepared for school and as for me,
I'm getting all dressed up for "Search for the Materials" with Pauline!
Breakfast with her at MacDonalds! (:
"Search for the Materials"..

Went to Ikea for Meatball feast! :DDD
We satisfied our cravings since last week? :O

Pauline: Erm, 2 piece Chicken Wing!!
Priss: -.- Hello, this one not KFC hor.
Pauline: Hahahahahahah! Tsk PRISSSSSSS! >:(

Pictures will be up soon when she sent it over to me. :DDD
Stay tuned..For now, im gna go to bed.
Promised to sleep early tonight, but guess what time issit now!! (WLW!!!)


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