Tuesday, February 10, 2009

today the MOON so ROUND......

oliver sykes is the sex Y

actually i am supposed to wake up at 1pm ......but i woke up at 2pm damn lazy .
hahaha and i am supposed to wake bestie BC up at 2pm but end up he wake up earlier then me .and and supposed to meet him at like 3.30 - 4.30 pm like that buttttttttttttttt me the SLOW POKE taking my own sweet time to do my stuff. hahaha sorry la bestie BC . drag until 5plus 6 plus then meet him .hahaha , had subway for dinner . then walk ard town ........ BC keep beating me and pushing me siaaaaaaaaaaaa . tskkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! pain u noe !!!! u chicken nuggets . hahahahahahahah . we went to topshop . and he make me buy the orangy pinkish shoes . hahaha but cute la . i like :) .... haha kay ... the whole day ah , i have this feeling of shitting and farting , i dunnoe why . MUST BE THE ONIONSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! . ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :@ . BC i noe u wan to look like BUTCH /BUTCHER !!!!!. hahahah u ahhhhhhh tskkkkkkkkkk!!! i think when i look down at u , ur side angle really look like . hahaha , i noe u are happy . RIGHT RIGHT ???? .i realise the things i type here like damn RANDOM like not into point kind . oh DUCK , i want that zara man BELT , so badly . tskkkkkkkkkkkk arghhhhhh!! . i should i had brought it !!!!!! and right now i feel like eating sakae sushi the salmon set . wtfffffffff!!!!!

P.s : prisssssssssss!!! i saw ur fav PUMA shoe , got sell at taka the puma shop there . $119 .go see go see . nice lei. Qqq Qqq

hahaha , kay i should not be lazy and start blogging my life away . ltr BESTIE P nag at me for not blogging ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

*edit edit

i want my RALPH LAUREN perfumeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . - $129 lei (75ml), ex ex ex . i tot my sissy can sponser me but at the end BO LIAO . :(((((((. come out my own money den :((((