Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday blues.

(Last day of LH??! :O)

Over dued photos on CNY Day 3!! :DDDD
Sis! Me & Alaine.
Priscilla&Amelyn(Sis's baby!!)
Sis! Alaine&P!
Group Photosssss! (:


Met up with P today, she pass my clothings back to me. Which means, my closet will be 0.5% more fuller! Hahahah! Okay, went to bugis junction and street. Saw quite a number of dresses i wna get, lui you know! ): Sad X 1OOO! Went to bedok to meet C and have dinner at 85Market. Stingray, Cockles, Rice, BCM!!! Jealous anot Cass!!! Hahahah! Okay, i haven bathe you knowwwwwww! ): Took like hundred and 1 photos! Will upload when P send me! (:

I'm gna meet Hao tmr!!!!!! (Happy X 1OOOOOOOOOOO) He just did MASK! 20mins. Hahahah! Getting his MC tmr and im getting my MC tmr! Hahahahahah! :DDDDDDDDDD "Go sleep early today uh you!"

K bye.