Tuesday, January 13, 2009

today i skip skool sia . HAHA . becos pris wasn't feeling good and i dun wan to be alone in that class . but i am glad i didn't go cos i have a mother and daughter talk with mummy . haha i told her i like SOMEONE . QQQQ suprisingly she didn't even like scold or nag , haha but she ask like super ALOT of questions .my mum is like really dun mind abt anything and she nag lesser now that y I LOVE HER :) :) xD . okay whatever. i want my VANS shoe . MUMMY SPONSER ME $50 PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! pris dun get angry when u see this . hahaha !!!!
yay ! back to skool tml . shall skip s&w
anyway toodles , i haven bathe . haha