Monday, January 12, 2009


...flung my O levels results. Got all F9s except for English, D7! Hahah! Yea yea, laugh all you want! (Laughs!) Didn't turn up in school today. Wasnt feeling right for the past 2 days. Threw up 4 times and LS! (Eew!) Went to see a doctor. KK came over to acc me! (: Hahah! Slept til 4pm then he went to school for DB training! LOL!! I'm going school tmr! YAAAAAY! Sand must be damn delighted! Cos she missed out today's lesson cos of me! (QQQ) Okay okay, bye! My timetable says tmr's lunch break is 2hours from 12 o'clock! Hahahah! (Yippieeeeeeeeee!)