Sunday, January 18, 2009

i am a happy kid :) . haha becos i got my vanssss!!!! even though is not i really wat i wanted , but i am still happy abt it . haha and i even got my DICKIES bag!!!
go all the way to queensway shopping center for 3 hrs with dad & mom
and then home sweet home , rest awhile brother came back asking us to go suntec ....
then went all the way there go there like for another 3 hrs then come back home .
seriously nothing better to do but i am a good girl for today becos
i accompany my parents for the whole day if not they will start nagging saying that i dun spend much time with them everyday cos i am always in skool and out
to town
haha .tml gng to wake up early cos bestiesssss wana go swimming/tanning .
haha . lazy sia . oppsy ltr she scold me ah!!!!
and now i am tired :(
is it a big mistake to like you ?????