Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eeee-Kay-ear..Ayer eh ayer.

My sexy Classic Vans!Y (:
Family outing today, (interesting...) Hahah! Went parkway! Didn't get the right informations before going out. I dress like im going town. Hahah! But, hack. Bought clothes you know! Clothes! (No la, actually..Shorts only! -.-) Hahahahh! Oh yeah! Bestie C bought her VANS & DICKIES alrdy! Happy for her yo! (QQQ) My turn to get my own Dickies tmr at CompassPoint! Meeting her at her place at 10am! Hahahah! Damn early, i know! Cos shop opens at 10am. (:O??) Heading for a tan after that tmr! :DDD (Yippieeeeee?) Hahahah! Okay back to the topic, went Ikea after dinner. Bought like a FULL length mirror and other useless nonsense, which i think it won't be useful. (Buy for the sake of buying!) Argh! Hhaahahah!

Cos i didn't apply any makeup today.
I love the RAM Mirror! Only $9.90! Hahahah!