Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello! Havent been blogging for days. Reason is my computer's internet connection is down and i wont even have the time to do so if the connection is up again. Forgot like one million things i did for the past few days. All i can rmb is loosing of my DAVP asignment photos! (Gasp!) Like a million and one great photos in there! Omg! Suay day for me! (Aawww!) Hahah! Anyway, went to meet P and M today for some last minute Chinese New Year shopping. Saw this very nice top from TS! But end up not buying it, reason, lazy to queue and take out my wallet! ._. Hahahah! Slacked at cine's level 7! Started painting nails for P out of bored-ness-sy! Heehee. Saw KK and the rest there too. Went over to say hi and had a lil chat with them then off to marina square for, i dont know why also. End up taking 200 over photos! I'll upload them soon when P send me. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year's Eveeeee! Meeting P in the morning to pass her a dress she wanted to borrow. And prolly go get that TS top i wanted to get. Ok im tired! I need my 8hours of beauty sleep! Toodles! (: