Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before i start of what i want to blog about, let me recap on what happened on Sunday. Hahah! Went tanming(Tanning+Swimming!) with Bestie C! (QQQ) Mr Sun was great! Headed to town after that for shopping spree! Met up with KK and his two other friends for dinner at Cine Kofu! While we were on the way to town, in the train...we saw this uncle stand-sleeping! We thought it was hilarious! So i snap a few pictures of him. Hahahah! Here goes!! Hahahahaha!
Laughs! Because they look a like, we thought they were twins, but they're
Husband & Wife!

ANYWAAAAAAAAYS! I didnt went to school for the first half on monday. Tummy upset! Bestie C made new friends seyy!! (QQQ) Lazy to blog la knn! (Oops!) Hhahahaha! Bestie C bought her VANSSSSS! Nice right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her to bits and piecesssss! (L)

School at 8am tmr! God! Hahahah! Early like siao er! Hhahaha! Goodnigght! Promise you a proper entry tmr!(Or maybe thursday, or the next day!) Hhahaha!

i miss KK? Y