Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New year / New chapter / New life / New perspective
Hows the first week of January?
I've decided to blog (not again) but only because I feel like doing it. Lots of picturesnot uploaded. Only decided to do it now. And I've got some free time only because Im not working today. :)
Zoo trip last month because we havent been to the zoo for quite some time. Felt like a kid again. Everything went well except for the many Pinoys blocking our view for Jaguar show. Juguars/cheetah/leopard/tiger are the cutest cats on earth. Call me crazy but I wish I could keep them as a pet. ^^


Like Dora the Exploraaaaa.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Just an angmoh feeding giraffe.

Photobucket Nice jaguar is nice.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
 Pretty horse is pretty! :) I think the reason why I love horses so much is because Im also born in the year of the Horse and he too, can relate to horses is because, he make the same sound as the horses produced, I thought it was the horses making noise. -.-

 I must admin 2012 has been treating me both good and bad. Well, many of you know that Alex and I are over? Yup. It's personal so I shall not blog about it. Nothing to blog about so....And yes, if many of you are wondering if I've got a new boyfriend. The answer is yes. It's okay if you guys are judging me now. You dont know the real story behind it so...keep the comments to yourself. But just know that, I am rather happy now. :)
Christmas 2012: Good christmas is good. I must say that last year's christmas is one of the most relaxingone I've had in life. Although I did not cut any birthday cake/sing any birthday song, I still enjoyed myself. Spend some time in KL for a week with the boy and his family. Ate a little too much. Truly satisfied. Spent christmas together, our birthdays together. Yes his a December baby too. :) And new year together. We end and start a new year together and to many years ahead of us.

Will try to upload about my staycation with the family soon. :)