Saturday, June 16, 2012


Boyfriend: The one who can make you happy when you're sad. the one who will buy you ice cream. the one who you love unconditionally. the one who gives you hugs that you never want to part from. the one who will pimp slap any boy that tries to hit on you. the one that holds your heart and can easily break it, but chooses not to. the one that makes you laugh when all you want to do is cry. the one that will say I love you instead of wimping out and saying the abreviations for it. the one that makes sparks fly when you kiss. the one that you can always count on and makes you feel amazing all the time. the one who is your lover, but also your bestfriend♥(:

Girlfriend: The one person who makes you feel as though you actually have a reason to live. The one you could never stand to be without anymore, and you wonder how you got by before her. The one that is there to make you feel special. The one you tell is beautiful no matter how often she denies it because you know it's true. A girlfriend is someone you truely love, and they should be treated like queens. Should one ever be treated like dirt, that male deserves to be shot on the spot. Women deserve kindness, adoration and respect. If you truely love her, those should come naturally.

- From the Dictionary