Monday, May 21, 2012

Just some anger venting post.
You need not read this entry. You shall skip it.
Thank you.

This picture here should fit what I am feeling right now.

I dont know what's with me, I get annoyed easily.
I keep the anger to myself.
I dont know why/what I am angry over. -.-

Think I'm going crazy. Maybe it's the workload? Too much? I dont know. Maybe.
But I want to prove to people that I can do it.

And it really annoys me when people at work calls me only when they need my help.
Even over the weekend. Yes WEEK-freaking-END.

Look, I dont hug my laptop to sleep with me everynight, 24/7 or what so ever.
If it's sooooooooo important, why dont you go do it yourself?

Seriously, sometimes I wonder what's your job scope about?
Boss people around? Best part is, this particular person is not even my boss?

Doesnt mean I used to help you, means in future I have to do all these work for you.
Perhaps you should consider giving me your pay ya? Thank you, come again.

Piss the hell out of me. I've never been so irritated about work since I got into this new role.

Argh, okay. I think I better stop.


Gotta wake up extra early to drag myself to woodlands.
Hate that place. Its like, some jungle place. So far. So out of place.
Nothing to look forward to tomorrow except after 5:30pm.
Which is hitting the gym.

K bye.