Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Radom Facts About Me

1. My phone is important to me. If I'm in an awkward zone, I will use it to act busy.
2. I can wake up in the middle of the night just to shop online via my phone.
3. Snuggling in bed, watching old movie, eating my favourite chips together, perfect date night.
4. I panic with my phone battery life drop from 100% to 90%. Yes. -.-
5. I love potatoes and cheese.
6. I sms my sister almost everyday even if my reply is a "Okay".
7. I used to dislike my bestfriend Cassandra, because she used to hang out with chinese speaking people in our class until when our form teacher changed her seat to the one beside me. Then, we found out we got lots of things in common. HAHAHA #CONFESSIONS Sorry bbg!
8. I also used to dislike my sister we were were very very young. Im glad we are closer now.
9. Good morning texts and good night texts from my love one are the best start and end of my day.
10. I love this guy here...
Even though you always cannot smile properly in photos. HAHAHAHA.

Happy Saturday everyone. :)