Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Me: Baby....? Did you received my msg?
Him: Baby what package?
Me: The doorbell there. I hung it there.
Him: I never see eh. At where?
Me: Its your breakfast i made along with a note. Hmm maybe it dropped or someone took it😔 sigh. Nvm i go back to sleep..
Him: Hahaha. I was joking. I placed it at home. :)

Hahahahaha! Forever kena bullied. :( Rah!!!

So yep, woke up as early as 6:30am to make 爱心 breakfast for the boy. :) Took a cab over to his place and then back home!

Cant wait for later yo!! ( ^_^ )v
First Valentine's day with my Alex :P hehehe.

Happy valentine's day to everyone of you :)
Just so you know, no one is forever alone. You're never alone. You can spend valentine's day with your bestfriends/family. :)

I remember spending valentine's day with bff cass in sec school days. Hahahaha. So random. <3

P/s: Everyday is valentine's day with you! Hehehe!

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