Monday, October 31, 2011


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Felt like it, because..the boy came to find me today!:)
Something is wrong with my stomach so didnt go to work today.

It was so unexpected! Im so happy to see him here.
\(‾▿‾\) \(´▽`)/ (/‾▿‾)/

Sis and the boy were texting me awhile ago when i was half asleep.

Me: Baby school finish already?:)
Boy: Haha. Hmmmmm thats a very good question.
Me: I mean..end practice. Haha. :)
Boy: That TOO is a very good question. Hahaha.
Me: Hahaha whyyyy? You end school at 12:30 ma.
Boy: Yeap :)
Me: Hahaha so what you fooling around with? You said you were fooling around at school.

*Minutes later..*

Sis: Sis open door
*opening the door unwillingly*
Sis: Somebody ask you to go there.
Me: Huh? Who?
Sis: Go see lor.
*boy pops out from no where!*
Me: o.o ...... :O ..... :D *hehehe*

Went to have dinner together. Wheeee~

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Best Halloween ever? Best day of the month!
My sister too, best actress of the day I must say. :P hehehe.

P/s: And tonight I'll fall asleep with you in my heart.

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