Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Saw this on my desk yesterday morning. How sweet of Dominique to get this all the way from Kallang Airport road. :)

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Its really soft and it melts in your mouth in an instant. Hahaha. Nice~

Vanilla cream ice blend + whipped cream!
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My favourite drink of all time, be it from Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

From Hazel. Hehe!

H: Want coffee not? Im heading to Starbucks. My treat.
Me: Huh. Its okay, i dont drink coffee. :)
H: My treat eh. Rare you know!
Me: Huuuh. Okay lo, Vanilla cream ice blend.
*15 mins later..*
H: I supposed youre not on a diet, so i added extra whipped cream! Enjoy!:)

Hahahaha, #OHWELLS, people here are out to make me fat, not like im not already fat. :(

P/s: <3

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