Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 1

Remember the 30 day challenge I posted like few days ago? Yep, gna do it now.

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 15 facts

The only latest picture of myself -.-

Fact 1: I love to eat alot, like a whole lot. That explain my size uh.
Fact 2: I have a super bad tempered side of me. Which you dont wanna see.
Fact 3: When you say one thing, you better do it. I mean, promises are promises what right?
Fact 4: I get angry easily especially when people offend me.
Fact 5: I have more black clothing than other colors.
Fact 6: Love my boyfriend, I cannot find any reason to be angry with him for more than 1 min. o.o
Fact 7: And of cos my friends too! Especially my chickx!
Fact 8: I LOVEEEEE SHOPPING alot. I can shop online before and after sleep. Like even with my eyes half close. x.x
Fact 9: I am quite good at making excuses, depending on the situation. Hahaha!
Fact 10: I'm jobless. Anyone got lobang? :8(
Fact 11: I have about more than 20 bags at home waiting for me to bring them out only.
Fact 12: I love surprises. Every girl love it what, if not, I think you needa check your pants, see got kukujiao anot. Maybe you boy in girl's body. :8\
Fact 13: I can be damn sarcastic to you if I find you annoying.
Fact 14: I can stay home the whole day just eat, lie down, eat, lie down. It can go on for 48hrs.
Fact 15: I love to irritate my sister by mass messaging her whenever before she goes to bed. (Because she's always watching video before she sleep.) >.< Heehee.

Thats all. I think 95% are mostly nonsense. Ya'll dont need to know one lor. -.-

Hahaha. Day 2 tomorrow okay. Bye bye.

P/s: I just had macs. SEE SEE SEE!