Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Time Experience

So these are the pictures taken on.....Thursday. Some Indian wedding. My mom's friend...

And...It's my first time wearing a maxi dress. :O Alter so much also still so long.
Imma shorttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. :S
Mom: EEEEEEEE! Delete la. Can see my collar bone so ugly.
Me: O.O I like! I want also dont have lor. ~.~
Mom: Can collect water lor!!!
Me: Ya, collect urine for you lor. :B


 Some sugar peanut. Sugar represents happiness to them. :8)

(On my sis: Cotton On denim blouse, Cheap thrills jeans, Topman crew neck tee, Vans)
(On me: Maxi dress from an online store, Studded wedges frm FEP, Prada bag, frm the boyfriend<3)

Some McDrive thru becos the dinner was....hmmmm...Not filling?

McSpicy with cheese. Like no diff lor. -.-

Heading out now! To meet the boy. Kekekeke.
Leaving sis alone at home. Muahaha. K bye! >:8)