Friday, February 18, 2011

Leopard xx

This post is for a reader, she asked me to post up about my Leopard clutch I bought 'recently'.
It's a A.Wang inspired piece! ^^ Love it x INFINITY!!

So here it is. Dont ask me where I bought it? I order this months ago and it only came just in time for CNY. ^^
I guess you can find it in those korean sprees! :8)


Super love this clutch! I mean, Who doesnt love leopard prints besides RIS LOW? :O Hahahaha! It's fit is perfect for laptop for sure! So big and roomy. It's perfect for my iPad as well! Awesome! ^^


There you go! ^^. Nothing much. Gna blog about my day with sis now in a new blog entry.
OHH YA!! I love the fur! Heehee.